Text 13 Jul #BeyInspired <3<3<3

No matter how crazy it may seem to some, but If it wasn’t for God putting her on Earth and in my life, I really don’t know where I would be right now, emotionally and physically, especially when it comes to the degree of my strongest talent, which is singing. Being that beacon of light in the darkness of all the things that led to depression, Beyonce has inspired me to take control of my life and what’s mine, get beyond my comfort and out of my insecurities, loose myself in what I love, do me, and just live. And I thank God for her, for being there…^_^ #BeyInspired

S/N: This would truly be a life changing, eye opening event for me because I’ve never been to a concert before and my B-Day is August 1…Sooo…Yea…LOL. http://snd.sc/15DrIFT

Video 26 Dec
Video 14 Dec
Video 14 Dec

Just learned this song and I had to record it…I’m stuffed up….

Video 27 Nov
Text 27 Nov

Fresh START!!! 

Video 26 Nov 1 note

Just for entertainment…

Video 26 Nov
Video 8 Aug
Video 8 Aug

Just a DEMO!!!

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